About Professional Associates for Consultation & Training (PACT)

PACT Associates has been providing professional and technical services since 1990 throughout Ohio and Arizona. Professional Development workshops have helped organizations and businesses move forward with strategic planning initiatives including: distance learning, value-added analysis, differentiated instruction, data-driven decision making, and technology integration. In addition, we have been successful in obtaining winning grant proposals to enhance organizational effectiveness and needed social services throughout our communities.

PACT can facilitate engaged learning that ensures information and knowledge will be understood, retained, and applied towards practical job-specific improvements. We zero-in on results with a measurement approach that focuses on outcomes.

Results will show:

Organizational leaders understand they must redefine the organization’s mix of prgrams and services.

PACT believes that: “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”.

Organizational Improvement Process

  1. Application Driven
  2. Results-oriented
  3. Measurable
  4. Sustainable
  5. Management-driven
  6. Employee-supported
  7. Customer-focused

Organizational Improvement — Personal Development — Professional Development

Organizational Improvement

Everyone must know where the organization is going, why and what they need to contribute. Employees need to set their departmental goals around the organization’s mission utilizing action planning while producing measurable results.

Personal Development must tie into mentoring opportunities, one-on-one facilitation and coaching relationships. Specialized workshops are offered in: critical thinking skills, strategic planning, facilitation skills, diversity appreciation, coaching for success, effective communication, and classroom management.

Professional Development maintains a focus on areas of contemporary interest such as organizational development, use of social media, coaching for success, critical thinking skills and effective communication strategies.

We also have a specialized workshop on incorporating technology into teaching and learning with a focus on: distance learning, streaming video, pod casting and web logs.

We draw on the expertise of master educators in areas such as: curriculum mapping, data-driven decision making, professional learning communities, and computer-assisted instructional programs.

Professional Associates for Consultation and Training

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