Grant Writing:

In a world of finite resources, grantseeking is very competitive and requires careful proposal planning and composition to realize success. PACT has written hundreds of successful proposals and has been teaching a fundamentals of grantwriting class for a university’s graduate education program. Learn about funding sources, measurable outcomes, development of proposal ideas, procedural components, budget forecasting, submission procedures and practical examples for specific grant submissions.

Strategic Planning:

Strategic planning is a process that deals with organizational renewal and growth and more particularly, with developing and utilizing the strategy which is to guide the organization’s planning. Specific organizational issues require an approach that is interdepartmental, interdisciplinary and based on a firm understanding of environmental conditions and trends. PACT works with organizations on both the program mix and the management process that shall result in proactive change and improvements.

Professional Workshops:

PACT workshops are designed to engage participants through a variety of activities including: specific learning objectives, breakout groups, interactive videos, web-based resources, and learning techniques to ensure clarity of the subject matter. Numerous workshops have been designed a presented for various organizations resulting in greater employee productivity and renewed commitment. Some of these include: Coaching for Performance Excellence, Critical Thinking Skills, Facilitation Skills, Diversity in the Workplace, Internet Safety, Use of Social Media, Web 2.0, Grant Writing, Team Building, and Effective Communications.

Organizational Development:

Organizational development helps to improve an organization or company’s performance including the development of its employees. Organizational development is a process including strategic planning, organizational design, leadership development, coaching, diversity and balance between work and life.

Organizational development is the way organizations change and evolve. Interventions are planned and implemented in order to facilitate consequential changes in the structure, processes and human resources within the organization. It requires systematic diagnosis, program development and mobilization of resources (financial, technical, human) to improve various activities in the organization.  

PACT will analyze the formal parts of the company including objectives, structure, policy, human resources, and compensation. It will also examine informal ones including: values, attitudes, social relationships, and commitments.