Web 2.0 Resources

Students Using Computers

We have assembled a list of websites that can be utilized within the classroom and can be integrated into Ohio’s State Curriculum Content Standards.  These web resources are often referred to as Web 2.0.  Those that are italicized have been given rave reviews and you ought to try them.

Most of these websites are free and are very interactive to engage students, program participants, or just about anyone that wants to try something new.

Please contact Michael Bloom to share other web resources or to comment on any of the sites listed here. 

Multimedia Authoring Tools

Digital Text Resources

Educational Support Resources

Video Resources

For Kids

Special Educational Resources

www.zamzar.com www.Coolmath.com
www.Multiplication.com www.Sciencespots.com
www.Timezattack.com www.Writingfix.com
www.JohnHanleysH.S.MathPage.com www.Goanimate.com

Other Web 2.0 sites to explore

Fireant.com jambo.net dabble.com oyogi.com
opinity.net ookles.com youb.com bloop.com
squish.com tinfinger.com edmodo.com wolframalpha.com
zamzar.com drop.io.com chinch.blogtalkradio.com